Pros & Cons 2018 | Pop Culture, Politics, Life In General

At the end of each year I tend to do a pros and cons list, because well, I love pros and cons lists. Usually I just do one and make it one great, big list- time for a change? I agree. I'm splitting it up into two parts for easier reading- we're getting to the end of the year, who can really be bothered reading all that much?
Part one will focus on all things celebrity and pop culture, politics, and life in general- not just in Australia but everywhere, the whole wide world.
Part two will be more of a personal pros and cons list- the things that happened to me or affected me personally, you get the jist.

Without further ado, here is part one which was bloody hard to do without Google because a lot of the time I was thinking "God, did that only happen this year?".


  • #MeToo was taken to a whole new level. While not founded this year, 2018 was the year that saw the movement gain the most traction. This year it went global, women all around the world have and hopefully will continue to stand up and tell their stories of abuse at the hands of men and that what has happened and continues to happen is not okay. 
  • QLD and WA followed suit and banned single-use plastic bags. It's about time we started looking at how much plastic we are putting into the environment. But is the use of these heavier plastic bags doing the environment any good either?
  • The Royal Wedding. Look, I am not a big royal fan but since it was Prince Harry (who I have a soft spot for) and Meghan Markle who I loved on Suits I was more interested than usual. I drunkenly streamed the wedding on my phone and you know what, I am not sad that I did. Also there was a royal baby announcement this year for the same couple. 
  • We all learned about 'Big Dick Energy'. I feel like this was something we all needed to be educated on, don't you? It is described as "confidence without cockiness. It is never misplaced and cannot be simulated. It is the sexual equivalent of writing a cheque for $10k and knowing you have it in the bank." I get it, we really did need anime for it though. 
  • Polka dots and leopard print came back in trend. These are two trends that come and go in swift motion, one minute they're in style and the next they aren't. They have been everywhere in 2018 and I am not sad about it. 
  • Dylan Alcott had a stellar year this year in WheelChair Quad titles, winning two at the Australian Open. With Heath Davidson as partner the two took out Wheel Chair Quad Doubles and alone he took out Well Chair Quad Singles. 
  • HUMBLE by Kendrick Lamar was crowned Triple J's Hottest 100 on whatever date they put the countdown on this year. Put it back on Australia Day I say. 
  • As of January 9th 2018 same sex couples were legally allowed to tie the knot in Australia. Love wins!!
  • In June of this year the ban that saw Saudi Arabian women not allowed to drive, was lifted.
  • Ariana Grande had a bit of an up and down year in 2018, but has ultimately come out on top with the release of Thank You, Next which is killing it everywhere- also how good is the film clip!
  • Australia is set to rid the tampon tax on January 1 2018. That 10% tax that we, as women pay for simply having a vagina and not a penis will be no longer. 
  • A young Thai soccer team was astoundingly rescued from a flooded cave in Northern Thailand after nearly two weeks. 
  • 150 strong, incredible women stood up in court and read testimonials detailing their traumatic experiences with former Gymnastics USA physician Larry Nassar. 
  • Oprahs Golden Globes Speech. Nothing really needs to be said about this one. It was bloody iconic. 
  • The Teachers Pet podcast. Not only was it a great podcast to consume but it has also lead to the arrest and hopeful charge of Chris Dawson.
  • The Bachelor 2018. Honestly what was that, what was the channel heads thinking? What was the Honey badger thinking? Not a good year for the Bachelor, I don't think many people will be back for 2019. The Bachelorette season was not that great either if I am being honest. 
  • The instability of the Australian government. The country that changes their prime ministers like they change their underwear? That would be us. God, who even is the PM right now? 
  • Some fashion trends I can just not get on board with. Dad sneakers and bike shorts are two that are everywhere in 2018 and I still just cannot deal. I shudder when actual Dad's where said sneakers let alone anyone else. Also bike shorts as fashion?
  • There is a weird feeling you get when a celebrity dies- I mean you didn't know them personally but many people idolised them. It isn't really grief, its genuine sadness. 2018 saw the deaths of Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Mac Miller and recently, Stan Lee. 
  • Baby shark- enough said. 
  • The Barnaby Joyce saga. I was so, so interested in this one for God knows that reason, I was hooked. 
  • Donald Trump. In his second year of American presidency, surely couldn't be any worse than his first- right? Some one needs to monitor his Twitter for starters, tweeting that his nuclear button was bigger and more powerful than Kim Jong-uns, and many, many other Tweets that would never have surfaced if Barack Obama was still around. He also separated thousands of kids from their parents, and then backed down when he saw the pubic outcry, rightly so. I think I could go on and on about Trump, but I'll control myself. 
  • Cricket Australia's Ball Tampering Scandal. In the Australian- South African test series in March three Australian players were caught up in a highly embarrassing cheating scandal. Then captain Steve Smith, then vice captain David Warner and player Cameron Bancroft, put into place a plan to scuff up the ball using sand and tape. They get caught. Australia looks like cheats. 
  • This year the NSW Government made the announcement that the whole state was in drought. While that is with out a doubt a con for 2018, to counter act with a pro would be the amount of support and donations that came in from all over Australia to help those in the drought affected areas. 
  • Toys R Us closes stores.. everywhere. Honestly how sad was this one! I loved the store and could walk in there for Christmas presents and come out almost 100% done, no wonder Christmas was a shit load harder to deal with this year.