TIA Gift Guide: For Kids (Big & Little)

I put these posts off for as long as possible because I was under the impression that if I don't think about Christmas it will not approach at the speed of a stolen car. I was wrong. There is three posts of gift guides coming right up, For Her, For Him and For The Kids (which was the funnest one I must admit). All of these posts will have this introduction because I am lazy and essentially I need to say the same thing in all of them, makes sense right?

Meet my co-editors for todays post! Molly and Harry have both put their tick of approval on all the items listed on todays guide so you can be assured your kids will love them too!

A gift for if... they're into getting outdoors
Spinifex Kid's Animal Frog Chair GreenBestway Inflatable Donut Rings, , bcf_hi-resLifespan Kids Oasis Slide & Splash Inflatable

1) Spinifex Kid's Animal Frog Chair- $19.99 via Anaconda
2) Bestway Inflatable Donut Rings- $8.99 via BCF
3) Lifespan Kids Oasis Slide & Splash Inflatable0 $329.00 via Harvey Norman
4) Plum Climbing Cube Play Centre- $999.95 via Gym & Fitness Australia
5) Kon-Tiki Kids Metal Detector- $49.99 via Australian Geographic 
6) Birdies 4 Kids 1.1m Hexagonal Sandpit- $68.00 via Bunnings

A gift for if... they like sports.
Driveway Tennis Set
1) Donic Schildkrot Powerstar Outdoor Table Tennis Table- $699.00 via Rebel Sports
2) Wahu Obsta Challange Obstacle Set- $79.99 via Rebel Sports
3) Indi 24" Purple Bike- $289.00 via 99 Bikes
4) Crazy Catch Scotopia- $199.99 via Rebel Sports
5) Driveway Tennis Set- $22.00 via Kmart 
6) 12" Jumpking Trampoline- $699.00 from Sportspower

A gift for if.. they're into the latest technology.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0-inch 8GB Wi-Fi - WhiteGarmin Disney Princess Vivofit Jr 2 Adjustable Activity TrackerFujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera - image 1 of 7Sony SRSXB31 Portable Bluetooth Speakers (Red)
1) Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" Wi-Fi Tablet- $147.00 via Harvey Norman
2) Garmin Disney Princess Vivofit Jr 2- $129.00 via Harvey Norman
3) Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera- $59.99 via Target
4) RYZE Tello Done- $129.99 via Australian Geographic
5) Sony SRSXB31 Portable Bluetooth Speaker- $139.00 via JB Hi Fi
6) Sony Cybershot W830 Black- $149.00 via The Good Guys

A gift for if.. you want a little competition. 
Junior Inflatable BumpersNERF N-Strike Elite InfinusLumina Active Big Bash League Ultimate Backyard Set Multi, , rebel_hi-res
1) Junior Inflatable Bumpers- $18.00 via Kmart 
2) NERF N- Strike Infinus- $103.20 via Target
3) Lumina Active Big Bask League Ultimate Backyard Set- $59.99 via Rebel Sports
4) Hexbug Battlebot Arena- $129.99 via Australian Geographic
5) Smart Ass Board Game- $39.99 via Australian Geographic
6) Harry Potter Codenames- $39.99 via Australian Geographic

A gift for if.. you'd rather give them an experience. 
The GruffaloAlice in Wonderland

1) The Gruffalo Live On Stage. If you're looking for Perth tickets click right here, so many sessions available at the Heath ledger Theatre from 4th June 2019 - 9th June 2019.
2) Alice In Wondeland stage show- In Perth at the Heath Ledger Theatre for two days only in January- 22nd and 23rd! Tickets for Perth can be found here. 
3) Scitech- Okay truth be told I have never been to Scitech and that is why its on the list, because I would love to go and I bet your kids would too! Find all the information here. 
4) As always, can you have a kids gift guide without a mention of a trip to the zoo? Absolutely not! Perth Zoo is always a fun day out (for the big kids too). Perth Zoo information is right here.

Cries! Our last gift guide for 2018 BUT not the last of our Christmas content. More to come!


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