When Did Christmas Stop Feeling Like Christmas?

A Christmas recap. 

Remember the days of being a child when you went to bed at eight on Christmas Eve, but didn't sleep until well after midnight because the excitement of Christmas was just too much to sleep?
What about waking up at some ungodly hour and being hit in the face with the excitement of remembering that there would be a hole load of (for the most part) neatly wrapped presents under the tree in the lounge room? 
Do you remember your parents pretending to not know what you're unwrapping and Mum getting out a rubbish bag to fill to the brim with torn wrapping paper?
That ten minutes of comparison when you leave your pile of presents to ensure that your siblings didn't get something better than you. 
Barely wanting to leave your new gifts in order to eat breakfast.
Spending all morning engrossed in your gifts.
Endless amounts of food, everyone sitting around the hugely packed table, a few racist/ homophobic comments from elderly members of the family, at least one younger member of the family pulling them up on it. 
Someone volunteering a new movie they received on the day for the afternoon calm down while you all wallow in your food coma. 
More food with the other side of the family.

This was Christmas for me, it was what I would think about every time I thought about Christmas.

Sometime after learning that Father Christmas isn't real Christmas stops feeling like the Christmas you once knew- how can any other version of the holiday possibly compare to that of when you were a child? It can't.

This was Christmas three years ago, because I forgot to get ANY photos this year. Also social media detox and all that good stuff, ya know?

I've probably said it for the past few years, that Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas anymore that is, but this year- it really didn't and I'm not impressed about it. 

I spent Christmas Day with my partners family, and how they spend Christmas is a lot different to that of how my family spend it. There is no younger children on this side of the family and it defiantly makes for a different kind of day. There is a lot of alcohol involved with their day, it's usually away from home by the beach and goes from about 9am to some hour of the morning that I 100% do not make it too. 

To make up for missing Christmas Day with my family, we spent Boxing Day with them instead. I think it's the presence of children that makes Christmas different- they're so excited for all their presents and to give you their presents, the excitement is contagious. 
(Another good thing about Christmas with my family: until the last child stops believing in Santa, we still all get presents, hopefully he lasts until he's 18 haha). My family Christmas is almost the complete opposite of Brodies- we stay home and family come to us, there is not a lot of alcohol involved (a few cocktails here and there, but that is about it) and once it hits eight at night you can almost guarantee that the majority of us have passed out. 

It wasn't the people I was surrounded by, because everyone I saw in the two days that we spent celebrating Christmas are people that I would want to spend my Christmas with. It was more that, as an adult we compare Christmas these days to the Christmas we experienced when were were younger and more often than not we are left disappointed. 

So, once we reach some undetermined age, what happens to Christmas? Why do we stop feeling the Christmas vibes? What makes Christmas feel like Christmas? Why aren't we feeling festive on 24th December?

The first and foremost reason I don't feel Christmassy on the actual day of Christmas is because well, I am OVER it by that stage. We spend the whole of December leading up to this one huge day, that when it arrives we cannot be bothered with it anymore. A months worth of Christmas events and Christmas carols and Christmas food and Christmas everything sends me into overload. By the end of the month I cannot wait for it to be over. I am quite surprised my Christmas tree still remains and I did not take it down as soon as Boxing Day hit. 

Christmas gets more expensive every damn year- am I right?! I bet this is the one time of the year my parents (or Mum who does all the shopping) sighs and thinks "did I not consider the expense of Christmas when popping out six children?). Seriously though, the more people in the family the more money you spend. The older the kids are the more money you spend. More food, more gifts, more money. Christmas is bloody expensive. 

As a child you were in charge of putting your presents away and that was pretty much it, as long as they were in your bedroom (or out of Mum's sight, or where Dad could step on them) you were fine. As an adult, you can leave your gifts where ever, but you leave your plate on the table and God damn- that is just not on. Sweeping the floor, cleaning the BBQ, doing the dishes, who want's to be an adult and clean  on Christmas? Not me. 

I think the presence of children is a huge contribution to making Christmas more "Christmassy"- Christmas with my family would be a much more chilled, less expensive affair without the kids. However, I think that without kids around Christmas would feel even less like Christmas, you need to have them around to keep the spirit alive. Once you hit adult hood Christmas is plagued with responsibilities- like not burning the chicken, or being polite to every rude family member or keeping peoples glasses filled, with no kids around wouldn't it just be all work and no fun? They keep the excitement alive with their wanting to show everyone who walks in the door what they found under the tree and thrusting neatly wrapped gifts at everyone else.

In my family someone inevitably gets hurt on Christmas, this year was no exception. One year it was my sister riding her new bike and not stopping in time for the pole, that one ended with a trip to the emergency room and two pushed back front teeth. There was also the Boxing Day that my brother was in the same room with a bad case of hand, foot and mouth. This year, it was bee stings- bee stings for everyone. One sister had a swollen foot, one got bitten in between her toes, one got stung on the arm, apparently my parents have a bee problem in their front yard. 

It was Christmas, but it wasn't, do ya feel me?