No "New Year, New Me" Here | 2019 Goals

Ah yes, it is that time of the year again- the start of it, the time of new resolutions, many of which are usually long forgotten about by the time its time to rip January off the calendar.

I am not here for the whole "new year, new me" thing- do you want to know why? Do you have a choice? Not really. I don't buy into it because if I were to start the year with a "new me" then all the hard work I have put into myself, into being a better person, into feeling good, into being a happier person- wouldn't that be wasted? Wouldn't that mean the all bloody hard work and the frustration and the bad days, wouldn't they have been wasted? I don't want to start again from scratch on who I am as a person, I want to be myself but continue to better myself. So, I set goals.

I share with you my goals at the same time every year and then at the end of the year I share with you how I went- did I achieve my goals? Kind of achieve them? Do you want to know 2018 goals and how I went with them- you can read them right here. 

For now, let me tell you about the goals that I am setting to guide me through 2019, I've been writing them down in the notes app of my phone for probably the last two months as they've popped into my head.

  • Write more content.  

In the last few months I have been writing so much more than I did at this time last year. I wrote 70+ blog posts this year, which is something I so proud of, something that I haven't done in the five or six years that I have had this blog. At some point in the year I stopped writing about things that I wanted to write about and started writing about things I thought would be the most popular content. When I was getting discouraged with writing I realised that I was doing this, and that it was boring me. I want to write about things that I want to write about, I want to write blog posts, and articles- I just want to write. 

  • Educate myself more. 

I love educating myself and fathering the knowledge that I have. I love learning new things about things that I already know about and things that I have no idea about. I am going to continue learning things about the world around me, and about marketing because I LOVE marketing. 2019 is the year of being more educated.

  • Stop playing into the "fast fashion" culture. 
I have the worst mentality that I need to buy new clothes... all the time. I buy the clothes because I think they're what is "in" right at that second, wear them once or twice and then they sit in my spare-room-turned-walk-in-wardrobe until I get bored of them and pass them along to my sisters. This year I want to stop contributing to the fast fashion trend.
  • Say no more often. 

I am the worst at saying no, I struggle so hard. I say yes to things I want to say no too and then spend a good few minutes mentally slapping myself. This year I'm going to say no, I am going to stop people pleasing and saying yes to keep people happy. 

  • Get some kind of a social life. 

I pretty much have dropped a social life entirely, if you see me leaving the house for some kind of social event you can assume I am either being bribed or am in an extremely good mood (usually the first. This year I think I need to make more of an effort to get out more, to interact with more people than just Brodie and my family. 

  • Up my lifting game. 

Since my car accident and subsequently having whiplash for the last two months (still not fixed, another goal: heal whiplash) the maximum weight I have been lifting has decreased majorly. While it has given me the chance to focus on my form, I am keen to get back up to my max weight and then keep going. Obviously I don't want to hinder my recovery so I will need to be patient. 

  • Consume as much content as possible. 

I am not really a TV and movie person anymore, I just cannot sit still for long enough to be able to watch a full movie or more than one episode at a time, unless it is something I am REALLY into. I want to consumer more content in other forms, listen to more podcasts, more audiobooks, read more books, read more articles. 

  • Think more about the important things, but less about the un-important.
Queen of overthinking over here, but usually only about the unimportant stuff that doesn't deserve a second thought. When it comes to the stuff I should spend more time dwelling on, there is usually no room left in my brain. This years goal- stop sweating the small stuff, and start sweating the big stuff. 

So, here is my goals to get me through 2019, as if some kind of a guide to help me to 2020 (it's nearly time for Kanye 2020!!!!). What are your goals for 2019, do you even set goals in the new year? Do you set resolutions? Or are you one of those trendy people who chooses just one word for the year? Tell me what you do and what you're aiming for in 2019.