One For The Hotel Room | TIA Workouts

You all know I am a big fan of working out for the sake of feeling good- and for me starting the day with a big walk and a workout gets me ready to start the day. I'm on holidays right now and I didn't want to fall out of routine too much because I am 100% aware of the affect that falling out of routine has on my mental health and health in general. With that in mind I am making a big effort to not go into "holiday mode" too much and to still be moving my body every morning. I obviously couldn't bring with me every piece of exercise equipment I own and use on a daily basis- so I chose two things and that is what I will be utilising for the duration of my holidays.

The workout I am sharing with you today is what I did this morning in my hotel room with only a resistance band and well.. my body (because you will definately need that to workout.)

Most of the workout is more cardio / HIIT type movements- at home I stick to a strength based program, so I am taking this week to reset and focus more on cardio and HIIT. Also, its holidays so it’s a quick workout- who wants to be stuck in doors working out when there is exploring and new things to be doing? Not me. This one took me around half an hour.

NB: Don’t forget to warm up!!!

NB #2: Not professional anything, not qualified in anything. Just someone who enjoys working out to feel good and thought that she would share her “hotel room” workout for people that want to continue to move their body while away from home with minimal equipment.

Round 1: 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest x 6 rounds alternating between two exercises.
·      Exercise 1: Squat into burpee
If that was not straight forward, you do the squat and then go straight into a burpee. Worse than doing a single burpee.
·      Exercise 2: Toe taps
For this one I just used the side of the bed to indicate where to “tap” my toe. This made it impossible for me to not put all my weight on the back foot, which is what you want. You could also use a coffee table or a chair or whatever you have around you.

**1 minute breather because that round had me puffing already**

Round 2: 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest x 5 rounds- different exercise each round.
**I felt like chucking in a bit of abs here, so this round is alllllll the abs. This was probably because of the amount of food I ate last night. You may as well stay on the floor the whole time**
·      Exercise 1: Raised leg crunches.
Crunches but with your legs straight in the air and you reach up to your toes. These hurt. Especially at the 30 second mark.
·      Exercise 2: Mountain climbers.
So many regrets for leaving my sliders at home.
·      Exercise 3: Side plank- lift side.
I am the worst at side planks, the absolute worst.
·      Exercise 4: Side plank- right side.
Still the absolute worst.
·      Exercise 5:Pike jumps.
A mountain climber but with two feet moving in at once - does that make sense?

**1 minute lay down and regain breath**

Round 3: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 12 rounds- alternating between three exercises.
**I thought I may as well continue with the whole one section of the body per round, so this one focused on the upper body- my least favourite part of the body to train ever**
·      Exercise 1: Shadow boxing combo.
You can add a weight to this if you are so inclined (I have no weights so I used two filled up water bottles). Look, you’ll feel uncoordinated but its fine. I just did the following combo: jab-jab-upper-upper. Feel free to change it up as you wish.
·      Exercise 2: Inchworm -> Push up
From upright inchworm your way out into a plank position, and do a push up (I dropped to my knees for the last few rounds, no bigee if you need to as well) and then inchworm your way back up to standing.
·      Exercise 3: Shoulder taps
In that plank position keep your lower body as still as possible while tapping your shoulder with the alternate hand.

**Another one minute breather before sighing at your boyfriend asking how long you are going to be because he is bored and wants to go four wheel driving.**

Round 4: 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest x 10 rounds- alternating between two exercises.
**saved my favourite for last, yaaaas**
·      Exercise 1: Alternating backward lunges.
Obviously very little room to complete walking lunges so backward lunges it is.
·      Exercise 2: Squat jumps
God, even I was cursing myself half way through this one- I HATE squat jumps, probably because I over did them as a newbie, but still I continue to include them knowing I am going to hate myself during the work.

**I’ll say a one minute break here, but we all know I had to sit down for about two minutes cursing asthma and whiplash**

Round 5: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 10 rounds- 1 exercise
·      Exercise 1: High knees
I mean with no skipping rope I can’t really say skipping, so high knees is a fairly decent replacement. Go hard for those 20 seconds though.

I have no idea how many calories this burned, but I know that it put me in a good more for the rest of the morning and got me sweating.