Tattoos & Pregnancy | Q&A #9

It has been a long time in between question and answer posts, eight months to be exact. I asked on Instagram the other day to be sent some questions of this post that I combined with some of the anonymous contact form questions I got from the last Q&A.

As always, no names are posted, we like privacy here at TIA.

You haven't posted a bookclub post in a while- are you still reading?

I am! And I plan to be doing a lot more of it while I am on holidays at the end of next week. There is a new book club post coming shortly, I just want to finish my current book before I do, so that I can include that one as well. I haven't been reading many "new" books, I've been reading some older ones and listening to audio books as well, so the next bookclub post will be lots of fun. 

What is one thing that you always have with you, cannot live without?

Once upon a time I would have said my phone, but the truth is, now days I am making attempts to leave it behind more often. I guess one thing I always have with me, even though I could probably live without it is my Fitbit, I love tracking how many steps I have walked in a day and all that jazz- it makes it easier to set small goals and get excited when I smash them. Super good for motivation.

Do you have any tattoos other than the ones on your arms/ chest? Plans to get more?

I do have other tattoos- so obviously there is the floral kind of half sleeve on my left arm and the deathly hallows symbol under my elbow on the right arm (fun fact, the middle part of the symbol is actually Snapes wand). 
The rest of my tattoos are ones that I got when I was young- and you can tell that I was young because if I had to choose today I would probably not get them haha. No regrets though right haha! So the first I got was "love yourself so no one has too" on my wrist which is All Time Low lyrics (and I purposely made sure it was covered up when I met them!). Next was, I think the "things change" one on my collarbone. I have a little cat on my ankle which I want to get the matching dog for on the other ankle too. My last one is a Mandela thing on the upper thigh, kind of hip bone area, and I don't like it at all anymore. Hence why you never see it on Insta or anything like that, eventually I want to get it changed into something else. 
I don't have any plans to get any more soon but usually I get them on a whimn so who knows.

After your post about not wanting to have kids, what would you do if you found out you were pregnant right now? 

Freak the fuck out, I won't lie. I think you mean what would I do as in, would I keep the baby? I've said before that I am very pro-choice and I am 100% behind women being able to do whatever the hell they want with their bodies and having the ability to decide if they would like to take a pregnancy to term or not. While I am in support of being able to have that opportunity, being able to terminate a pregnancy, for myself I don't think I could do it. So, I guess- what I am saying is that if I found out I was pregnant right now, you'd be having a pregnancy announcement in your feed 12-15 weeks later.

Would you ever go back blonde like the throwback you put on your stories recently?

I look back now and I loved that hair, I loved being a blonde- but it killed my hair for starters. My hair has grown so much and is so much healthier since I went back to brunette. Also, it was so expensive to keep it looking how I wanted it too look- I mean I was getting little bits of regrowth in a week and eventually I wouldn't be able to look at it anymore and have to go back, so I think I was in the hairdressers something like every three weeks and it was killing my bank account. So no, probably not for the sake of my hair and my bank account. 

How has you health and fitness routine been throughout Christmas and New Year?

Considering the amount of cheese platters and alcohol that were consumed by me I think it went well and I stayed on track as much as possible while not restricting myself. I still walked every day and worked out most days (I live by the rule that you can't go more than two days in a row without exercising because I know I will fall out of routine). This week we go on holidays for around ten days and I'm probably going to be eating more food than usual and that's fine, I'll still be walking every day (so much easier by the ocean!!) and doing some small workouts daily.

What type of workouts do you do? How do you split your days up? 

While we were on the above question I thought I would chuck this one in as well. Basically I do two different workout days, three days of one and three of the other. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are strength days and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are HIIT days (or boxing if I feel like it). Sundays are complete rest days but I'll walk in the morning if I can be bothered. I also walk at 6am every morning before working out. 

Do you watch YouTube or Netflix? If so what are you're favourite things to consume. 

I definitely don't watch as much of either as I used to, but when I have the time I love love love to sit and watch something. On Youtube I have a weird obsession with Mukbangs and also daily vlogs- I love those. Currently on Netflix I am watching "You" with Penn Badgely (WTF!!!) and I also love Netflix Original movies, they're my favourite. 

Are you still going to be writing on current issues and such?

I am!!! I love writing about current issues and things that affect women especially. I just find that for the best of that content I have to be really fired up and really passionate about a topic so they are coming I just need the push and drive to get through them.  

Okay, I will be honest there was more questions but I'll save them for another time because I get side tracked easily!

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