They Didn’t Work For Me | Health Trends I Tried.. And Gave Up On

I will admit that I am someone who is very curious about the world of health and wellness and the trends that pop up all the time in relation to those two aspects. While most of the time I like to do research into what I am doing to my body before I do it, there are times when I just don't give it a seconds thought and just, well.. do it.

This post is all about the health trends and fads that I tried and they either didn't work for me personally OR they were a load of crap to begin with, and I didn't do my research properly. A lot of the time the reason I don't do the research properly is because I am in a rut and I am sad about my body or my health and I look for a quick fix, these times never bring me healthy habits that I enjoy and that my body responds too.

Skinny Me Tea
You knew this was going to be on here didn't you!? I actually tried this one a few years ago when I was still in high school- so the real deep in depression days. I was so bloody unhappy with my body and I was putting so much pressure on myself to be skinnier. I brought one pack of the tea and tried it maybe three times before I packed it in the cupboard and never used it again. Firstly, it tasted bloody disgusting I would cringe every time I took a mouthful and I have a distinct memory of my Mum scrunching up her face and saying "why the bloody hell are you drinking it then? It's not like you need to lose weight!!!". Secondly, I came to the conclusion I did not have to give myself diarrhea in order to lose weight- I was not that desperate. That was a few years ago, these days the anti-tea-tox debate is in full swing, raging against influencers and celebrities who promote these tea-toxes, which are both a waste of money and dangerous. These teas make you lose water weight and not fat, remember that one.

Vibration Platforms 
Since giving this one up I have Googled this topic and have established that these can actually work if you don't just stand on them with your boobs and all areas with any fat on them shaking uncontrollably. Apparently you have to actually exercise while on the platform- which is not at all how they are advertised. Also the shaking thing- that was a deal breaker as well unfortunately, I was not a fan.

Waist Trainer
God yes I was one of those people who wore a waist trainer and let me tell you, as much as I tried I did not have the waist of Khloe Kardashian. I wore it for around a month and the only time I would see a result is the ten minutes after I took it off, but the next morning I was back to my normal shape. So what was I doing that whole time? Being uncomfortable as hell for starters, also itchy- if I wore it to workout I got so red and itchy on my stomach. I was restricting my movement because they tell you to put the thing on so damn tight, I couldn't move properly and looked awkward and injured when I would try to move a certain way and the waist trainer was like "yeah.. no you don't."

Ab Workouts 
Stay with me here, I was once upon a time in the mentality that to get the six pack abs of my dreams I had to smash them with an abs only workout- which is untrue. What is true is that abs are made in the kitchen and that can be supplemented with the occasional ab exercise thrown into your routine. I've found I have more definition when I just focus on full body and not trying to isolate my abdominal muscles.

Juice Cleanse 
I don't see this around as much anymore, not like it used to be- maybe because consumers are smarter and more educated now? I started and promptly ended a juice cleanse, probably around a year and a half ago. Here was some of my key take aways:
-there was so much actual fruit left over after the juicing was done and I felt that it was such a waste of fruit and veggies that were full of nutrients.
-I got so bloody hungry. Look, juice is not filling for me in the slightest, and I do not enjoy not being able to chew my food.
-This kind of "diet" is so restrictive- think of the goodness and nutrients you aren't getting from your other food consumption.
-I didn't feel the kind of "good" that people on Instagram were saying they were feeling. I wasn't feeling lighter, I was feeling light headed. I wasn't feeling fuller, I was feeling sloshier (you know what I'm talking about.)

Cardio & Light Weights Only
I see people everywhere who were scared of lifting anything heavy because of the fear they would get bulky- that used to be me too! I used to be a cardio girl and occasionally add in some body weight exercises because I didn't want muscles, I didn't want to look muscly. Quite the contrast to the person these days who hates cardio (i'm trying to love it again I promise), gets so much enjoyment out of lifting heavier weights (and continuing to up the weight) and get SO happy when I look in the mirror and see a little bit more muscle coming through.

Supplements That I Just Do Not Need
I was SO guilty of seeing an influencer I liked being on new supplements and I would think "yep, okay I need that!" I didn't need it, and who knows if they actually did either. I spent a lot of money on these supplements looking for a quick fix to feeling good and being healthy and it just doesn't work. After I started doing research into what I was putting in my body I got very anxious and nervous about the amount of stuff that I really didn't need. I think I take like two supplements now and I have researched them inside out, talked about them with my doctor and got the go ahead.

Quick Weight Loss Methods 
I will admit right here that I was a sucker for anything that told me I could lose weight in a certain amount of weeks and the lesser that number the better. I look back now and seriously wonder why I was so obsessed with losing weight that I didn't need to lose. Vigorous cardio workouts and restricitve diets, I thought it was all healthy- it wasn't! These days I workout according to how I feel and eat intuitively and do you know what- I feel better than I ever have.