Booty Band Circuit | TIA Workouts

Its that time of the month again- time for a TIA workout, because I love fitness and I may as well share that with you all- whether you like it or not.

If you missed the last one it was a hotel room workout, and it was a sweaty one. You can find it right here. 

All the workouts I post will be easy enough to do at home because I know how hard it can be to get to a gym all the time. For this workout, you can obviously do it body weight or add in the booty bad for that extra resistance.

The focus of this circuit is going to be on the lower body because I love lower body workouts, don't we all?

As always: NB: Don't forget to warm up!!! NB #2: Not professional anything, not qualified in anything. Just someone who enjoys working out to feel good and thought that she would share a different workout each month for people who want to try something new when moving their body.

Here is the actual workout:

This is split into two circuits: do each exercise for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds rest. Complete the circuit twice. Before moving on to the next circuit. Personally, I would do each circuit three times if I was doing this as a single workout, if you're incorporating it into your routine you can pick and choose how many times you complete each circuit.

Circuit 1: 40 on, 20 off x 5

Exercise 1: Crab walk. 
Place the resistance band around your legs just above the knees. In a squat position move one leg at a time horizontally across the floor. If you place your hands up and out you will look exactly like a crab. Go up and back of you area until the timer goes off.

Exercise 2: Clam shells (right side)
I love clam shells and probably always will. Lay on your side with the band just above your knees as usual. Bring your knees up so they are slightly bent and leaning on the floor (harder version: bring them up to hip width with your knees still touching the floor). Keep both feet together but lift your top knee towards the ceiling like a clam shell opening. And then bring the knee back down like a clam shell closing. Ta-da!

Exercise 3: Clam shells (left side)
Repeat everything I just told you but on the other side.

Exercise 4: Sumo squat
This burns waaaaay more than a normal squat with a booty band- seriously having to keep the band that wide is going to make you feel the fire. Make sure your feet are outside of shoulder width apart and pointed outward. Again, have the band around the top of your knees.

Exercise 5: Jumping jacks 

OH how I hate these. Put that band around the ankles and do some jumping jacks with it right there. These will burn and hurt and make you question why you thought it was a good idea to do this workout. Sorry.

Circuit 2: 40 on, 20 off x 5

Exercise 1: Hip raises
Lay on your back on the floor and place your band around your knees. Have your feet placed closer to your body in order to feel it in the glutes. These are the worst and the band makes it worse still. I you want to add in a challenge hold the raise at the top for three before lowering. Don't forget it shouldn't hurt your back so make sure to lower it all the way to the floor before continuing on.

Exercise 2: Standing glute kick backs (right side) 
I could have been nice and done alternating kick backs, instead I chose not too and put one leg per round- sorry about that one. Place the band around your ankles and your hands wherever they feel comfortable. Put all your weight on your left leg while you're standing straight up. Squeeze the abs and tuck the pelvis under as you kick your right leg back off the floor- don't go too high. Come back to the floor and go again on the same leg.

Exercise 3: Standing glute kick backs (left side)
Do exactly the same as above but on the other side. Fairly self explanatory.

Exercise 4: Squat to lateral leg lifts alternating
Have the band placed just above the knees- you should know that one by now. Begin with your feet hip width apart and complete a squat movement, once you come back up lift one leg out to the side. Don't try and do both legs at one time- it doesn't work. Alternate between legs after each squat.

Exercise 5: Glute bridge in outs. 
Look, I'll be honest there is 100% a proper name for this exercise and I just cannot think of what it is at the moment, so we are going with this. Come up into your glute bridge position with your band placed above the knees. While keeping to core tight and maintaining that bridge bring your knees together and then bring them apart. See- in outs!

Can you feel your glutes right now? Can you feel the buuUuuUUUUrn? Good!

Let me know if you tried the workout, if you hate me now- whatever. Also send me some suggestions for next months TIA workout.