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I love these posts for two reasons:
                1. I get to buy active wear that I really don’t need in the name of content
2. You guys really respond to seeing me spend money and reviewing the clothes, so you don’t go spending your money on shitty active wear. I get it.

I brought a lot of these clothes around Christmas / New Year so the title is accurate but holidays and life got in the way of me wearing / reviewing / writing / taking photos of / posting. I would say the huge majority of these clothes are still available so its not like I’m showing you clothes and being like “but sorry you can’t get them anymore.”

ANYWAY here you go:


They recently released the Camo Collection and I was in love- seriously if I could afford the whole collection you already know I would have splurged. That’s my life goal- the be that financially comfortable I don’t have to think twice about buying every piece in a collection, even the ones I’m not that in love with.

o   If you’re not a fan of this colour the same sports bra comes in dusty rose and yes, you do need it and yes I do have regrets about not getting it myself.
o   Size: I got a small- because my boobs are non-existent at the moment.
o   Fit: So comfortable, doesn’t dig in at all in the band which I was a bit worried about, some of the wider bands at the bottom make me red and itchy.
o   The zipper is such a cute details and actually works, there is nothing worse than fake zips. Means you can have as little or as much boobage on show as you would like.
o   It is padded, but I believe it is removable. I left mine in because again- small boobs.
o   Support: Because it is more of a crop top I wouldn’t wear this for a HIIT day or cardio personally, but for a strength day it was perfect.

o   Again, dusty rose colour is to die for.
o   Size: I got a small and they fit so well. I would stay true to size in your normal leggings because these do have a bit of stretch to them should you need it / have had a big meal.
o   Fit: I put these one and literally made an “ahhh..” noise because they are SO soft. With some leggings that have mesh / multiple materials in the one pair I find that some parts can be tighter than other, but these aren’t/
o   There is mesh details and a camo detailing on the back of both legs (sorry I forgot the photos of that bit!)
o   Sweat and squat proof: Absolutely! I man I squatted just to test them out and nothing was exposed. I didn’t sweat much because it was an upper body day, but I found them to be fine in that department. They’re dark anyway so sweat wouldn’t show as much.

Lorna Jane

This was a Christmas gift from my parents- that I chose myself. I wear primarily dark colours in activewear so this was a big leap for me. Super happy I did go for a bold colour though.

·         Unknown Bra, sorry!
o   I am so sorry, I thought I kept the tag but apparently I didn’t. Then I thought I was smart just looking up the matching bra to the leggings but apparently that isn’t it.
o   Size: this is a small and it fits well, if anything it is a little bit loose.
o   Fit: Nothing is too tight or uncomfortable on this bra which of course is great, its also got removable padding- the REALLY good stuff that made me look my boobs were somewhat back to when I was in high school. Can I wear this bra all the time?
o   The back has thin strappy details which is always cute on sports bra, again I forgot to photo- I am terrible at this.
o   Support: I wore this for a HIIT day and I probably wouldn’t do it again. Jumping didn’t go well, I didn’t feel greatly supported. But for a slow workout like Pilates or yoga it would be perfect.

o   I put these one and before I looked in the mirror I was convinced these were not going to be flattering at all- I was pleasantly surprised.
o   Size: Also a small, perfect fit.
o   Fit: These are so silky smooth I love it. I love a thick waistband as well, I just prefer to feel like I am being held in in that area.
o   There is a little detailed fabric at the front- that really breathable stuff? Cute, but not really practical being at the front of my shin.
o   Sweat and squat proof: Squat proof- yes. Sweat proof- God no. Again, I would stick to a yoga/ Pilates type of workout with minimal sweat for this one.

ECHT Apparel

Is it really a TIA activewear haul without at least one ECHT piece? Absolutely not! You already know I love this brand, I tell you every time I write a haul up. Also they have just realised scrunch bums- get on that!

o   So many different colours of this set so if this charcoal is not your jam you are sure to find one that is.
o   Size: small. I had a medium in the last haul and that was just way too big for me, I am not sure what possessed me to get that medium.
o   Fit: No uncomfortable seems or anything like that because it is seamless. There is also no waist band to feel to tight and make it impossible to get over your head when it is time for a shower when you are covered in sweat.
o   It has the breathable hole material at the front and centre of the bra which is so practical because boob sweat is real people.
o   Support: seamless sports bras are not really my thing- as I said I like to feel supported, and I mean really feel it. But this is fine for slower days, I wore mine for strength and it was fine.

·         Arise Leggings V3 in Charcoal, $48.00
o   I have version one of these and I love them so it was only natural to try out v3 as well. Again, so many colours to choose from.
o   Size: small. Perfect for me, even though I have been trying REALLY hard to grow my glutes.
o   Fit: I love these. The waist band at the top makes me feel like everything is going to stay where it should be, and that is something I really look for. I don’t like feeling like a muffin top could happen at any moment.
o   To go with the bra it also has the breathable holes, again in a realistic and practical area- these ones are on the sides of the legs.
o   Sweat and squat proof: Squat proof- yes absolutely, no bums to be seen. Sweat however can get a bit noticeable which is to be expected with such a light coloured legging.

Nicky Kay

Guys, I think this is a Perth brand! I mean  got sent the package from Perth so I am assuming, but yy! I love supporting local businesses. There was genuinely ten minutes between me finding this brand on Instagram and me making an order.

·         Seamless Bike Short in Black, $60.00
o   I am not one for bike shorts but I thought “oh what the hell, its bloody hot here so why not!” No regrets. They have so many colours as well!!
o   Size: small- decided to stick with my normal size to be safe.
o   Fit: My number one worry was that I was going to have big bulges on my thighs where the shorts ended and I was just not about that. But.. no bulges! These are so comfortable and light weight.
o   I have worn these a few times to test them out on different days and they hold up for every day I put them through. They don’t roll up which is what I was looking for.
o   Does SUCH good things for the booty, which I mean is not a bad thing.
o   Sweat and squat proof: Yes and yes!

Cotton On Body

I walked past these in a store window and turned right around and walked back in- I am all about this print right now.

·         Workout Yoga Crop in Leopard, $19.95
o   The print- seriously? I love.
o   Size: small, standard.
o   Fit: so comfy! Again, this one has padding which is removable but I did remove mine and the material is so thin you can see the outline of my nipple piercings which does make me feel a bit weird.
o   This one has a simple back design which I can get on board with, you can’t really have a bold print and a bold decoration- can you?
o   Support: If you have bigger boobies maybe this one isn’t for you, but it was made with lower intensity workouts in mind so there is very little support to begin with. It is borderline too lesser support for me to deal with.

·         Highwaisted Mid Length Bike Short in Leopard, $24.99
o   As with the above bike shorts I was a bit hesitant, I am not a bike short person. I live in the country however and its just getting too hot to deal with leggings in the heat.
o   Size: small. All Cotton On Body leggings and any activewear run true to size in my experience.
o   Fit: So soft! The waist band again is very thick which by now you will know I am all about. There is no bulge with these ones either so I’m not sure if that was an actual thing or a concern that I made up in my head.
o   Again there is no detailing in the actual material but it doesn’t need it because the print is so bold.
o   Squat and sweat proof? Yes to both of those. I was concerned the shorts would ride up when I squatted but it was fine, no wedgey-ing in sight.

There we have it- another activewear haul! Please note that some of these links are affiliate links.

If you have an activewear brand you’ve been eying off but want someone to spend the money and review first, let me know, I’m happy to help.

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