Recovering From A Bad Week- What You Need To Do!

Sometimes you have a bad day and it just happens that it lingers around for a while, much like that person who just won’t leave your house when their welcome is more than up. When I say a while, a whole damn week, my bad day turned into a bad week and I am more than ready for it to bugger off.

What did my bad week look like? Let me tell you: this week I spent way too much time in the car, ate more shitty food than I have in the last six months because it was easy and fast and I just didn’t have the time this week. My routine had flown out the window in search of some much needed sleep that just wasn’t coming to me and even though my fitbit tells me I have been active every day, its even given me a star each day, I just feel like I haven’t done anything- my workouts were no where near what they usually are and I just feel like a slob.

It’s Monday now, which means it is the start of a new, fresh week and my bad week has passed, right? Yesterday I came up with a game plan in order to make sure that that bad week was well and truly over and this week would not follow down the same path.

Here is what I did & what I am still doing in order to have a good week.

·      Do I look well rested?
How good is a good nights sleep? I was in bed by nine o'clock last night read for another 5:30am wakeup. I felt SO much better this morning, ready to tackle another full on week, just in a better way.

·      Routine, routine, routine.
Routine went out the window last week, it was more of a ‘try and fit it in when you can’ kind of week. It was time to restore the routine, the morning routine especially. Not sticking to morning routine left me waking up feeling sluggish, usually by nine o’clock I’ve done my morning walk and worked out, this week I was so exhausted it was sleep until you really need to get up. The normal wake up time this morning left me feeling energised and motivated.

·      Food, glorious food.
There was barely a day last week that I was at home, I was either travelling to different towns for whatever reason or I was in the city- and being away from home makes it harder to eat the good stuff and easier to down the convenient - albeit -shitty food route.
I found myself going into the day saying “okay healthy options today” and then just giving up because I would be so busy that I didn’t have time to search for a healthy option, fast food really is the fast and cheap option- isn’t it? This week, even though there is a few days that I will be away from home again at the end of the week, I will hopefully not be as busy as I was last week. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have full week of veggies- I bloody need it.

·      I need a bath in my house- stat.
There is nothing like taking a relaxing bath when you are exhausted and anxious- unfortunately for me I don’t have a bath in my house, so I have to settle for a long shower. It is kind of like washing away the week and letting it flow down the drain. Needed.

·      Organise my week ahead.
I feel so much more on top of things when I know what is happening and when it is taking place. I set out the week, day by day so I can look at my diary and know exactly what I need to ready for. Something I’ve also learnt that helps is setting myself a few goals for the week that I can get excited about accomplishing.

Bad days and bad weeks, they happen to everyone, there isn’t really a way to eliminate them permanently. You just need to accept them and move forward, let yourself have a bad day and then let it go.

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