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At the beginning of the year I made the resolution not to buy any more fast fashion, or at least to limit the amount that I did buy. I don't usually buy new clothes just because of a new season, I mean I have too many clothes as it is. Except, when I went to bring all of my winter clothes out the closet and swap them over with my summer clothes I realised that I am a different size to this time last year. My favourite pants are baggy and I have to hold them up (I didn't even realise they don't have belt loops!!!!) and I came to the realisation that I don't have any casual jumpers, I have many dressy up ones but only one or two casuals.

So, I thought it was time for a Cotton On order, if there was one place I could shop for basic clothes for the rest of my life it would be this place.

**I don't have my docket anymore, so I'll give you the prices from the website. All titles are linked so you can go straight to the site, none of them gives me commission**

My usual size in cotton on clothes is a small, but as you will see I ordered a lot of medium-sized jumpers and such, this is more to do with me liking bigger jumpers so I feel a bit cosier!

Price: $17.49 (at 50% off currently!!!)
Size: Medium
The verdict: I picked this because of the colour, how gorgeous is this burgundy! Also a big fan of colour blocking this season, which is unusual because usually I just roll my eyes at colour blocking. It is a lightweight jumper so my plan is to layer this one if I have too. I also love that it is cropped because most of my other winter clothes are the normal length to longer. There is also a drawstring so you can make the bottom as loose or as tight as you want.

Price: $19.97 (also at 50% off right now!!)
Size: Medium
The verdict: This is very similar to the first one I showed you, except it isn't as lightweight, it's lined with fleece on the inside, so it is going to be super warm! This one isn't as cropped as the first though, it's longer and I am all here for it. I also love the zip, I don't like ones that go all the way down the front, so the fact that this one only goes halfway down is so good! I can see me pairing this one with a pair of black jeans for a casual day look.

Price: $29.99
Size: 10. These are quite loose and when I walk they slip down, if I were to buy again I would size down.
The verdict: The material isn't that comfortable, to be honest, I would choose either leggings or denim over these. I do like that they are high waisted, I love anything that is high waisted- also they the button and zip are real because in a lot of jeggings, they are fake and I am not here for that. Probably will just stick with either leggings or denim, to be honest, but I am sure I'll wear them at some point.

Price: $39.99
Size: Small
The verdict: Did you really think that I could do a Cotton On order and not buy at least one item of activewear? You know me better than that. I could not go past this print, something inside me has changed lately and suddenly I am someone who, wait for it... enjoys printed clothes. Cotton On activewear is always good for the price and the length is the best!

Price: $19.95
Size: Small
The verdict: I have about a million of these crops in all different colours and prints, in fact I am wearing on as I write this. They aren't great for high intensity, but they are so good for LISS and pilates and yoga and that type of thing. If you have small boobs like me these are the best, they kind of just hold them there, they don't add anything they just.. sit!

Price: $39.95
Size: Medium, I could probably have gotten a small because this is a little too big.
The verdict: SO WARM AND COMFY. In the winter we spend a lot of time in the middle of no where doing things such as lighting camp fires and all that jazz, so I need a really warm jumper that is cheap enough that I am not too worried if it gets dirty. This one is perfect for that. I suppose you could also dress it up if you wanted too, but I don't think I will be.

Who else loves basics from Cotton On? I do! I do! I do!

I would highly recommend Cotton On for basics clothing- they have so many brands of basics under one name- Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Factorie, Supre and Rubi Shoes.

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