How I ACTUALLY Fooled Myself Into Becoming A Morning Person

proof of my early morning wake up🙄

This is the day and age of health and wellness- that is the new big thing, everyone is on the bandwagon, we all want to turn ourselves into the optimal version of health and wellness, myself included. When you think of someone who is the epitome of health and wellness- you kind of relate that to someone who wakes up early in the morning- don't you? We have somehow created this illusion that sleeping in is unnecessary and not "wellness-like."
In June 2018 I published this post: "I've Learnt To Be A Morning Person | My Morning Routine" and let me be incredibly honest here- while that was what I was doing when I published that post, man it didn't last too much longer. 

I am a person who places a high value on their sleep, I feel like I am tired all the time (at least I looked tired all the time *rolls eyes*) and when I am tired you can tell, and I mean really tell. There will be the worst of death glares, the snarkiest of remarks and I will not want to be anywhere near people, it is not a good time for anyone when I am overly tired. So when I fell back into my old habits of sleeping for far too long in the morning I swept it under the rug, it was probably in the best interest of everyone. 

At the end of last year, I began adding to my workload, suddenly there was no viable option that allowed me to get my desired amount of sleep in time AND still get everything done- the horror! Look, I could spin you the same old tips that most people would give you, the lemon water in the morning and the importance of a night time routine, but honestly, none of it worked for me. If it worked for you, amazing, great, incredible, but if you're like me then yeah, not really. 

Here are some of my actual points on how I fooled my whole body into becoming that of a morning person:

  • First of all, you're going to have to accept that for a few weeks you are going to be at least a little bit tired and grumpy almost every day. The whole "becoming a morning person" thing doesn't just happen overnight, unfortunately- which means your body (or mine at least) is going to need a few days/weeks to warm up the idea of going from eight thirty wake ups to five am rise and shine.
  • Don't have your alarm clock right next to your bed. You will hit snooze repeatedly. I put mine at the other end of the room so I actually have to get up and out of bed in order to turn that annoying, repetitive buzzing sound off. By the time I've turned the bloody thing off, sworn at it a few times and rolled my eyes at Brodie who is still in bed groaning about being woken up so early- my brain is well and truly awake so there is no point going back to my comfy, warm bed anyway.
  • Have your clothes already set up so you don't have to think about it? I have my activewear set out in the spare room (read: my closet) so I can just walk in, chuck them on and go. I think if I let myself fully choose what I would be wearing at that time of the morning I would leave the house in my pyjama bottoms and a sports bra- what a look.
  • This may not be everyone's cup of tea (especially in winter when it's cold and dark) but the first thing I do is go for a morning walk. I walk at the pace of a toddler and with my eyes half closed, to begin with, but after shivering my way through the first two kilometres it's fine. I walk past those really motivated people who are running at 5am in the morning and think "if only..", I did try it once, I fell in a ditch and got blinded by an oncoming truck, so that settled that and running is now only in the afternoon when I can see where I am going.
  • I avoid my phone for the first few hours- or social media at least. If I am going for a walk when it is a bit lighter outside I will often take my phone and listen to podcasts while I walk, however, if it is dark I listen to nothing except the frogs as I attempt to not fall over anything. I found that getting up and going straight to my phone connected it to me for the rest of the day like that first few hours was leaving me wanting more. When I don't use it for the first few hours of being awake I have a lot less screen time and I just don't have that urge to pick it up and scroll mindlessly through my social media feeds.
  • Pre-workout- my saving grace. I have always been a person to work out in the morning, it just sets me up for a better day. However, the earlier rising time just did not sit well with my training, it was suffering big time. I was not getting through my sets like I usually would, I would take huge amounts of rest time, I was so unmotivated. A glass of pre-workout in the morning before training has helped me incredibly, training is only getting better!
  • I now... eat breakfast *shudders*. I was an avid hater of breakfast- it was the timing and the foods that were deemed acceptable to be eaten at that time of the morning. Breakfast is ahrd when you don't like eggs or bacon and bread makes you feel icky okay. But man I was hungry AF by lunchtime if I didn't eat in the mornings. Go to breakfast at the moment: some apple and cinnamon oats, a little bit of yoghurt and some fruit- easy as!
  • Lastly, this one could be a little cliche BUUUT girl you gotta keep at it and be consistent. You have to have the self-control to be like "okay time to get up even though I really don't want to.." because as I have found out a few sleep ins in a row and all that tired, grump hard work is gone, poof, out the window.
and ta-dah! A no bullshit list of how you can actually become a morning person and how hard it actually is to trick your body into enjoying the early hours- no lemon water in sight. 

Do you have some other tips that people might want to try in order to flip their body clocks? Let us know below!

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