8 Ways You Can Be More Active Without A Gym Membership

Not everyone likes going to the gym everyday or going for a run after work, and I get that- I used to be one of those people who would constantly have an excuse to get out of any form of exercise.
  • "Oh, there is a single cloud in the sky, it might rain while I am running." Knowing fully well there is no chance it was going to rain. 
  • "I can feel a cold coming on." I cannot. 
  • "I just have no energy today." Okay, this one could have been true but no energy doesn't mean you can't at least go for a walk. 
While I completely understand that some people just hate exercise, it doesn't mean you have to give up being active all together. So, while I am posting workouts once a month, I thought I would throw this post in as well, a few simple ways you can be active without actually having to be full on exercising. 

  • Go for smaller walks throughout the day. 
    I do this one every single day of the week- I leave my car at home and walk to work, meaning if I want to get anywhere during the day I have to walk. I walk home for lunch, I walk to the post office, to the butcher shop. Because the walks are relatively short it doesn't feel like exercise. Also, such a good way to get out of your office for a few minutes and get some fresh air.
  • Clean your house. 
    I didn't realise how many calories you burn and steps you take through the simple action of tidying up the house until I invested in a fitness tracking watch. Let me tell you, walking around the house doing the dishes and picking up the dirty washing that was not put in the laundry basket like it should be is a great way to stay active.
  • Set your active reminders. 
    While we are on the topic of fitness watches, pretty much everyone has them these days, right? Set your active reminders! Set your watch to alert you to get up and take some steps when you've been sitting for too long, simple!
  • Pick a night of dancing over a boozy night out. 
    Far to often do we say yes to dinner and drinks forgetting that there are other alternatives! What could be more fun (and a way to stay active) than dancing the night away with good friends and people who make you happy? 
  • Get a dog.. and take it for walks. 
    A responsibility that comes with owning a dog is taking him or her for walks as often as possible. You'll be more inclined to go for an evening stroll or get up a few minutes earlier if you know the dog will benefit from it as well. If not, the dog will soon let you know its time to take them for a walk!
  • Use the stairs. 
    We see advertisements for this kind of thing all the time but too often we just brush it off. There really is a benefit to opting to take the stairs over the escalator or the lift. Less waiting time, more physical activity.
  • Exercise while watching TV. 
    I do this one when I am really feeling unmotivated, or it really is raining outside and I am likely to slip over on the wet roads while running. I have a stationary bike that, during these times I bring out from the back room and plonk it right in front of the TV in the lounge room. You'd be surprised how into a TV show you can get and forget all about the fact that you are exercising at the same time.
  • Invest in a stand-up desk. 
    They're not really the norm but they are a thing. A stand-up desk is a great way to be constantly moving because you aren't confined to your chair. If a stand-up desk isn't your thing maybe you could consider switching out your trust office chair for an exercise ball! It may look odd but it works.
Being active doesn't have to mean slogging it out in the gym day in day out, or running yourself silly, it can be the little things as well! As long as you are making a conscious effort to stay healthy and active- that is all that matters!

Have you got other ideas for staying active on the regular? Let us know below!

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