If You Nod Your Head At Anything In This Post: It Is Time For A Social Media Cleanse

Think about all of your social media newsfeeds, the countless people we follow, the influencers we are well... influenced by, the brands who shove their product in our faces. DO you like the way your feed looks when you log in? Do you like the people you follow? Do you like the content you consume? Do you follow people who make you feel bad about yourself? People, who offend you? People, who are rude and racist? People you wouldn't want a bar of in real life?

Do you like the social media content you are seeing on your feed?

Just like we take the time out of our days to cleanse our faces and bodies- sometimes our social media feeds could do with a bit of a scrub as well. Naturally, we change our opinions, we outgrow people and accounts, we find different things funny, we become more or less accepting of behaviours. People and their accounts change and it is okay to want to detox what you do and don't see on your daily social media scroll.

There is no need to feel bad for these detoxes or social media cleanses, you should feel good about wiping away what doesn't serve you or make you happy- it's basically a form of self-care. But... How do you know if it is time for a social media cleanse? How do you know that you need to unfollow certain accounts? If you nod your head at ANY of these points I mention, it is time to go through your "following" lists, to unfriend those people who give you frown lines, to make your social media feed a place of happiness and positivity.

  • If.. nothing that pops up on your feed inspires and motivates you. 
    Your social media feed should be a source of inspiration and motivation- if you aren't getting that from your scrolling, what are you getting? If you reach the end of a scroll and think "God, that was a waste of time." it is time to unfollow and refollow people who do bring you that inspiration.
  • If.. you have zero interest in the account or their content. 
    If you are spending more time on your explore page looking for interesting people than in your actual feed, the time has come for a social media cleanse. If you quickly scroll past someone's content, unfollow them. If you don't care about what someone is posting, unfollow them.

    I use my accounts to give me the motivation to keep pushing myself. I have people on there who post killer workout ideas and that motivates and inspires me to smash out a workout every morning. I have people on there who are always challenging themselves and smashing their goals and that gives me some inspiration. You gotta follow the people who motivate you to push yourself.
  • If.. you finish your scroll feeling like utter trash.  
    If you shut the app on your phone and you now feel deflated and torn down- time to get rid of some people. You shouldn't be feeling way post-scrolling. You shouldn't be left feeling bad by social media and the highlight reel of other peoples lives.

    I very rarely go on my personal Instagram account but when I do you can guarantee I will probably see something that makes me feel like shit and then I will spend the whole rest of the day thinking about it and overanalysing it.
  • If.. your social media leaves you feeling anxious. 
    It sounds odd, doesn't it? If you leave your scroll feeling more anxious then when you opened the app- that is saying something. You shouldn't be feeling cluttered and like there is too much noise on your social media and you need to unfollow the people that make you feel like that- immediately.

    Sometimes I will log onto the TIA Instagram and I just immediately feel the anxiety about to hit me in the face- there is just SO much going on. The way that I fixed this? I unfollowed anyone that I didn't need or want to follow. Much less clutter.
  • If.. you still see your exes posts on your home screen. 
    Major sign you need to cleanse your social media. The time has come to click that unfollow button and make a move forward.

    This one is not me- probably because I do not give any thoughts to anyone I used to date or have a "thing" with, that ship has sailed. Plus- who wants to see their ex with their new partner anyway? No thanks.
  • If.. you get angry about the content you are seeing. 
    If you see a post from someone on your home feed and you immediately roll your eyes or feel the anger building up inside you- there is one simple solution: unfollow them.

    Oh my goodness, the hate follow! You hate them but you follow them because you don't want to miss out on hating anything that they do. I put a stop to all my hate-follows after (with the help of the Shameless Podcast) I realised I was doing it. You probably won't find me following any of the big influencers of Australia or politicians- sorry.  
If any of this sounds like you, arrange a time and conduct a thorough social media cleanse of your accounts- you will feel SO much lighter and motivated for it! There is nothing better than being able to scroll through your social media feeds and not come out the other side regretting what you just read. Is it time for a cleanse?

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