All The Reasons I May Just Be A Grandma Trapped In A 21 Year Olds Body

Look, it is a widely known fact that I am not your average 21-year-old women if I had to guess I am more likely to get along with women around the age of 40 than I am with other 21-year-olds. In fact, this isn't even me guessing, that was me evaluating who I talk too and who I do not.

With all the serious blog posts that I have been posting lately (which I do love talking about!!!) I thought it was probably time to break it up with a bit of a fun one- and tell you exactly why I am most likely a Grandma living inside of a 21-year-olds body. Have a giggle if you like.

  • I didn't know what a "pop socket" was until I received one with my pre-workout order. That is right, I didn't understand what you were supposed to do with them, why they were a "thing" nothing. I had to Google.
  • I don't listen to anything with my headphones anymore... because it gives me a headache. My morning walks now do not involve music or iBooks or podcasts for the simple reason that about a kilometre into my walk I will almost 100% take them out because my head hurts.
  • My internet browser automatically opens to news and current affairs sites.Once upon a time, it may have opened to sites such as Facebook and Youtube and the first thing I would look at was people who liked to post on social media. Now the first thing I look at is what is going on in the world.
  • I like to be at home and in bed by 9pm at the latest. 
    No longer can I do late nights and back it up with work the next day, same goes for all-nighters- they just do not happen anymore. I like a full eight hours of sleep and to get up early.. without a hangover.
  • I fully had to deep dive into who the hell Tati Westbrook was when this whole Youtube drama happened. 
    Annnnnd truth be told, I only remotely knew who James Charles was because I watched him do a video with Kim Kardashian. Still, have no idea what is going on with this drama, am relying on my 17-year-old sister for clarification every time something seems to happen.
  • I have to drink tea before bed every night or I can't sleep. 
    I remember growing up and making fun of my Pop or drinking "old man's tea" and now I drink probably two a day. Oh, how the tables have turned.
  • If it isn't comfy clothing you will probably not find me wearing it. 
    I look at photos of me wearing deeply uncomfortable clothing a few years ago and sigh, because man I would not be able to do that today. Sky high heels? God no. Stiff pants that make your bum look good but you feel like the blood flow to your legs is being severely restricted? I don't think so. Jeans and some sensible shoes? That will do me fine.
  • I don't know what you're talking about when you chat about the latest episode of a popular TV show. 
    Game of Thrones? Never watched it. Will stare at you with a blank face and hope you stop talking.
  • Why would I want to go out drinking on the weekend when I could get stuff done around the house? Legitimate question. 
    Would I rather spend time dusting the house and doing a load of washing over getting myself into a right state? Absolutely.
  • Most people annoy me.
    When I used to work in retail I would often wonder why older people were so grumpy all the time. I now understand that it probably had something to do with the fact that all people are highly annoying. 

Are you an old soul trapped inside a younger body? Tell me how you know! What do you do that makes you think "oh am I really only ____ years old?" 

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  1. Yes, I definitely agree! There seems to be a lot of people in their early 20s and teens that feel this same way and would rather stay in and go to bed at 9pm then go out and party and drink.


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