20 Little Ways You Can Improve Your Mood

Sometimes you wake up in a bad mood, sometimes stress (or someone) puts you in one. Whatever may have caused you to end up in a bad mood, it doesn't matter- because you don't have to stay in that bad mood all day.

I have racked my brain thinking of all the ways you improve your mood and spend the rest of the day doing anything other than wallowing in grumpiness.

  1. Force yourself to smile for a little bit.
    Simple.. but effective.
  2. Get some sun.
    Even if you just find a little corner in your office that gets some good rays, feel that warmth on your skin.
  3. Watch funny Youtube videos... or Facebook whatever.
    Do not rule out the power of a funny cat video.
  4. Colour in.
    This is SO calming and fun when you have some time to actually do it. I'm currently colouring in Hogwarts Castle, just FYI.
  5. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.
    Put it in your phone for future reference or write it on a random piece of paper that doesn't seem important enough to not be written on. Ground yourself- what are you grateful for?
  6. Declutter
    Get rid of anything around you that is making you feel cluttered- like it is imposing on your space.
  7. Take yourself outside into the fresh air.
    Even if you just step outside the door, spend a few minutes taking a few deep breaths and go straight back to your desk.
  8. If you have the time- stay out there and go for a walk.
    In all of my studies and research (Ha!) I have found that there is not a lot a walk cannot put into perspective.
  9. Blast your favourite music.
    If you come to my office door and you can hear the music playing a louder than acceptable volume for an office you should probably just turn around and find someone else to talk too.
  10. Light the best smelling candle you own- no matter how expensive it is!
    I am guilty of buying expensive candles and then not wanting to waste them.. do not be like me. That tropical scent? Burn that! Cookies and cream? That one too!
  11. Dress up
    Find some clothes that make you feel kick arse and confidence and put them on! Dress up and show up and your mood will follow.
  12. Burn some calories.
    Exercise releases endorphins making it pretty damn hard to feel grumpy after working up a sweat.

    Not subtle at all: check out www.tiaactive.com if you need workout inspo.
  13. Meditate
    It isn't for everyone, yes I know. But give it a go, it helps to centre you, to release the negative thoughts.

    Not convinced? read the article I wrote for Boss Mode Radio- 5 Reasons You Should Be Meditating.
  14. Give yourself some breathing space.
    Remove yourself from a situation, from the room your in, from your office- whatever it may be, just leave (I mean maybe give someone a heads up or whatever).
  15. Vent to someone.
    Call your partner, call your mum, your dad, your sister, your brother, go grab a seat at your co-worker's desk, call your bestie. Find someone who will listen to the whole story and just nod along, offering advice and wisdom when appropriate.
  16. Have a bath.
    Is there anything more relaxing than a bath? Is there?
  17. Add a bath bomb.. or essential oils if you're feeling it.
    Lush bath bomb? Essential after a bad day. Lavender essential oil? De-stressing magic.
  18. Have a warm drink.
    Is there anything a warm drink cannot solve? Yes, but it will still give it a red hot go.
  19. Cuddle up with your partner.
  20. Or your pet.
    Whichever one suits you better.
Look, bad moods are inevitable, but you don't have to let them drag on and on. Get up, be proactive and take control of your own emotions.

What do you do when you are in a bad mood? What are some ways you turn that frown upside down? Add to the list below!

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