Johns, Dooner & Rooney- Book Club #2

It has been a LONG while since my last book club, tenish months! If you missed that one I talked about a few of the books I was loving at the time including some Lauren Weisberger and Holly Wainwright and I will link it right here. 

I feel like more often than not at the moment you will find me reading some kind of study book, it will either by reading for my marketing TAFE work, a book on setting up websites or a book on social media management- I am looking at all three of them on my desk right now. But they aren't fun books to talk about- so I went through and reminded myself of all the fun books I have been reading and loving lately- maybe you will find one you want to give a go!

Lost Without You - Rachael Johns 

Guys I bloody loved this one, I am not joking I finished in in three days (time that could be better spent studying I will admit). I love a book that has alternating perspectives, I enjoy the idea that we are seeing all the different sides of each characters viewpoints. Speaking of the characters, they are all so relatable and realistic, which is something I usually look for- if you're giving me a character that I can't identify or relate to, I am probably going to stop reading. If you have read any of Rachael John's other books you will without a doubt like this one as well, it's fun and light but also deals with some serious issues- infertility, alcohol abuse, depression, to name a few.

The F*ck It Diet- Caroline Dooner

If you have read my recent blog posts like this one and this one you will understand that I am very interested in intuitive eating and how to do it properly, hence why I have read this book (actually I listened as an audiobook every morning while walking). I knew that I wouldn't be able to stomach a book that was just going to throw a whole heap of scientific facts and statistics at me, I knew that would not help me at all- but this book, it makes it light-hearted, it makes the whole thing seem like less of a heavyweight. Caroline Dooner also adds in humour to her writing which breaks up the hard-hitting words she is throwing at all chronic dieters.

Normal People- Sally Rooney

After hearing the girls on the Shameless podcast rave about this book I knew it was time to pick it up and have a read. I began reading and at first, I was not convinced I was going to have the same reaction to the book that so many other people had, I mean this isn't a best seller for nothing. This isn't really a romance novel, but it is about love, it's about other issues as well though- the financial imbalance that is often present between lovers, another is the social classes that we see divide us as a society.

Okay, only three today because I want to do another book club next month and include some more of what I have been reading. Have you got a reccomendation for me? Let me know below!