Another Activewear Haul | Muscle Republic, Ryderwear, ECHT Apparel Review

Every now and again I really go all out with my activewear purchases.. ie. I have a shitty week or few weeks and I rack up all these different activewear pieces that I maybe (really didn't) need. And that is when you guys get activewear hauls, so you may very well be the winner here over my bank account. 

Although I didn't need any more activewear items (my draws are overflowing) I do like that all of these purchases have supported some of my favourite Aussie brands. For this haul, we have some Muscle Republic (who I haven't featured before!), Ryderwear and ECHT- enjoy. 

Inspire Stripe Leggings & Structure Bra

Before I tell you about this outfit I do want to mention that Muscle Republic have their new collection called Conquer coming out on the 17th of October and I will be lifting my "no more activewear" ban especially for it! They have a pre-registration option so you can be the first to find out when it drops- make sure you sign up. 
I also want to tell you my favourite thing about this brand- they have a bundle option on their site! So you can get a set amount of leggings for a certain price and then the same for sports bras- check that out if you want to save some $$$.
Colour: These ones are the red ones (duh) but they also have a black colourway as well. 
The size I am wearing: Small
Fit: Tight, I wouldn't size down personally because I like my activewear to be tight so I don't have to keep pulling it up. If you wanted a little bit of a looser fit you could size up. The bra is super supportive, supportive enough you can 100% wear on a high-intensity day.
Are they squat proof? Yep!
Price: $79.95 for the leggings but they are currently out of stock on the site (be back soon!). The structure bra is also sold out for $49.95 but re-stocked soon!

Camo Scrunch Bum Leggings & Zip Up Sports Bra

I could spend SO much money on the Ryderwear site- I am not even joking. They 
release some of my favourite collections ever! I purchased this sports bra a while ago when they first released this collection, and then they re-released to include these scrunch bums and I just had to grab them as well, no questions asked. 
Colour: Camo with the black detailings, you can also get with the nude detailing. 
The size I am wearing: Small in both and both fit well, if you have more boobies than me you will maybe need to size up in the bra. 
Fit: Very true to size with the leggings. The bra is not all that supportive in my opinion, I just feel like I am bouncing around a little- so I stick to wearing when I am having a low-intensity day. 
Are they squat proof? They sure are!
Price: Leggings come in at $79.95 and the bra at $59.95- both currently in stock on the site. 

Not my usual purchase hey? But I am really trying to not be a boring Nancy and only wear black day in day out for training, so this was a close your eyes and put it in the basket purchase but I love. If you are not a fan of out-there colours they have also re-released with another, earthier colourway, think khaki and brownish. 
Colour: Neon pink
The size I am wearing: Small
Fit: Bra is super supportive and fits like a glove which is a yes in my book. The leggings are a little on the tighter side which again, I am not sad about. 
Are they squat proof? Nude undies underneath are a must for these ones. 
Price: $79.95 for the leggings and $59.95 for the bra, both are in stock on the site. (check out all the different colour options!!)

Mesh High Waisted Leggings & Paradise Sports Bra

Another colour that strays from my usual! It took me a while to make my mind up about the Palm Springs Collection- did I really need it? Would I really wear it? Purchased with no regrets. 
Colour: Orange 
The size I am wearing: Stuck with my usual small size
Fit: This bra is super supportive, I wore it for Bootcamp the other day and had no bouncing issues. Leggings are again on the tighter side, so if that is not your jam you could size up. 
Are they squat proof? Again, nude undies are a Godsend here. I made the mistake of wearing black and I will never do that again. 
Price: $79.95 for the leggings and $59.95 for the bra, what seems to be pretty standard pricing for Ryderwear and reflects the quality well. 

You all already know I love ECHT, given by the fact that they feature in almost every Activewear haul I have ever done. 
Colour: Olive
The size I am wearing: Small
Fit: I found this to be super tight which is unusual for ECHT as they are usually pretty true to size (it may also be that I have put on weight). But it wasn't unbearably tight to it was fine. I wouldn't wear the bra for a HIIT day as it isn't structured and the girls tend to fly around a little. 
Are they squat proof? Yes sir!
Price: $62.00 for the leggings and $49.00 for the sports bra- reasonable or what!

Arise Prime Leggings & Sports Bra

Again..another "WTF Elyssa" colour. This is not black, this is very far from black. 
Colour: Yellow
The size I am wearing: Small 
Fit: Like the olive colour these are quite tight but not uncomfortably tight that I can't move. Like it is holding me in place and will not allow me to jiggle around. I like that. Again there is not much support in the bra so this is reserved for days I am not going to be throwing myself around because my boobs will be going in the opposite direction. 
Are they squat proof? Not at all. Do not wear black undies, they will shine through like a bitch. Stick with nude undies for these ones. 
Price: Leggings are currently on sale for $37.00 and the bra for $29.00 get on that!!!

I have no doubt that there will be another haul sometime soon because these brands just keep releasing banger collections and I am allllll for it.