30 Facts To Put A Smile On Your Dial Becuase We All Need To Cheer Up

I feel like this blog and to the same extent, myself have been a little bit doom and gloom lately, sad, stuck in a rut of depression. Australia, as a whole, has also been feeling the same- a good part of our country is on fire and we feel helpless, we feel betrayed by our PM (a whole separate story that I refuse to get into while on holiday, I just can't), we are in a state of despair.

Sometimes you cannot cheer someone up indefinitely, sometimes you have to be okay with simply putting a smile on their face for a brief moment. You don't need to rack your brains thinking of small ways to put a brief smile on someone's face because I have compiled a list of random, funny, somewhat interesting facts that simply coming out within an (appropriate) moment of need could do the trick. You are welcome.

(Also a lot of these are animal-based because who doesn't smile when animals do cute things. Answer: no one.)

  1. An otter doesn't want to float away from its mate in the water while they sleep, to prevent this from happening they hold hands with each other- cute but practical. 
  2. A group of bunnies is referred to as a fluffle. 
  3. Plural: spaghetti, singular: spaghetto 
  4. The title of the highest court in all the land actually belongs to a basketball court that is situated on top of the US Supreme Court. 
  5. An orange fruit was apparently not named after its color considering the first oranges were actually green. 
  6. You know when you see big groups of cows in paddocks? Each of those cows has one "friend" cow that they prefer to hang around with every day. 
  7. While many humans cannot stick to monogamy, seahorses are excellent at it. Seahorses "marry" and stay with that mate for life. 
  8. That little pocket at the front of your jeans that you really can't fit anything in was actually made for pocket watches. 
  9. Goats have regional dialects and accents- bet the lady goats really get going for the Aussie accents.
  10. The voice behind Winnie The Pooh spends his time calling sick kids in cancer wards and talking to them in character- cue awwww. 
  11. A night rainbow is actually called a moonbow. 
  12. Once upon a time long, long ago Abraham Lincoln was a bartender. 
  13. Cuddling releases the happy hormone- oxytocin. Do more of it. 
  14. While you may have friends that you barely ever see, so do whales. Turns out they make lifelong friends who they make the effort to visit regularly. 
  15. Nordic tradition used to see Vikings give kittens as wedding gifts, someone bring this tradition back, please. 
  16. If a squirrel was to come across a baby squirrel that has been abandoned by its own mother, said squirrel will adopt baby squirrel. 
  17. During a play fight, a male puppy will usually (unless you're my dog I assume) let a female puppy win- who said chivalry is dead? 
  18. While we are talking about doggos- they sneeze when they are happy and excited. 
  19. If you were ever to make it to the centre of the milky way you would note that it smells like rum, apparently because of chemicals.
  20. Have you watched all 172 episodes of Seinfeld? Bet you haven't noticed that in every single episode of the show, a superman appears somewhere. 
  21. Like some men, octopi have their testicles located on their heads. 
  22. Guinea pigs are naturally social animals, so much so that Switzerland has made it illegal to only own one, you must own at least two. 
  23. A group of porcupines is called a prickle. 
  24. Your dog dreams about you. 
  25. Like us, sometimes squirrels forget things, like where they have hidden their stash of food. While it may be bad for the squirrel that is now hungry, its the reason hundreds of new trees grow each year. 
  26. A baby puffin is called a puffling- say that without smiling. 
  27. Okunoshima, an island in Japan is filled with friendly, tame rabbits.
  28. Everyone goes on about need a trade to get through life- even the Queen has one. During WWII she qualified as a mechanic. 
  29. A nurdle is what they call the blob of toothpaste you put on your toothbrush. 
  30. The cookie monster has an actual name- it's Sid. 
Got some more facts that you think would help people cheer up? Put a smile on someone's dial? Leave it below.