6 Ways Men and Women Are Still Not Equal

I heard the statement "men and women are basically equal these days" come out of the mouth of (you guessed it) a man the other day, and my eyebrows almost lifted off my forehead. While we may have done some work in the whole gender equality department we still have a long way to go before men and women are truly equal.

Here are six different areas that prove equality is a way off yet:
  • If you whack the word "men's" on a common household item ie. socks, facewash etc, it will cost less than if it were targetted towards women. Have you ever noticed that while purchasing something? You pay $8.00 for a men's face wash and then $11-12 for the same thing with the word women on it.
  • There is still the wage gag. Modern-day, 2020 and women are STILL paid less than a man for doing the same job with a vagina. In Australia, the national gender pay gap sits at 13.9%, I earn 13.9% less than a man would for doing my job. On average women would have to work an extra 56 days in the year to receive the same income as a man. Go figure.
  • The fact that male breasts are totally acceptable to be out in public, but if a women were to take her shirt off, exposing her naked breasts- well that is just downright unacceptable. Women must wear something to cover their nipples, unlike men, who are fine to parade around their areolas.
  •  There is still the classifications of a "mans job" and a "women's job" both in the home and in the workplace. Why is it laughable for women to be a mechanic? For a man to be a nurse? Why is it considered a women's job to be the stay at home parent and for the man to be the main breadwinner? Why can't we get past the stereotypes?
  • Domestic violence affects women more than it does men, statistics show. Of course, anyone, of any gender can be subject to domestic violence and that in itself is terrible, but the rates of DV for women compared to men is significantly higher. 1 in 20 Australian men are affected by domestic or family violence, whereas 1 in 5 Australian women are affected.
  • Despite the fact that the Australian population is made up of over 50% women, we are still grossly underrepresented in Government roles. Roughly 30% of the Government are females, while the other 70% identify as male.
Tell me: what else are women and men not equal in? Don't be afraid to share statistics that show women in a better position than men! I am well aware there are -some- areas that women face better odds than males.