Vagina Is Not A Bad Word

Vagina. Va-jay-jay. Vagine. Lady bits. Honey pot. Cootchie. Love tunnel. 

Are you uncomfortable yet?

 Around half of the world's population has a vagina- it's a fact. What else is a fact is that we are taught that we should not talk about our vaginas, that they should be discussed only with our doctors and that is that. 

Why are we supposed to be too embarrassed to talk about something that is SO normal? Why is "vagina" considered a dirty word? Why is the word "vagina" blocked on Twitter? What is going on in the world that we cannot openly discuss a human body part? 

So today- purely because we are "not supposed to" we're going to talk about vaginas! Specifically, things you probably don't know or talk about.

    1. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes- there is no one size fits all and definitely no "normal". 

Look, do you really need to worry about what your vagina looks like? Shouldn't it be more about how it feels? Many studies conclude different findings for how vaginas typically look- different lengths, different shapes, there is no definite answer. Your vagina is individual to you. 

    2. The vagina is not actually just what you consider it to be.

You hear vagina and think about, well just about a women's "private parts" don't you? According to Tim Taylor who wrote a medical article simply titled "Vagina"  he explains that the vagina is actually a part of the reproductive system, the tube that runs from the vulva to the clitoris. 

    3. You should steer clear of perfumed products near your vagina. 

Does anyone shudder when they see the "vaginal cleaning" products online and know for sure that some young girl is going to assume that they need to scrub their bits clean? Your vagina cleans its self, unlike some people. Vaginas are sensitive, you do not need those products, step away from the shopping cart. 

    4. Pelvic floor exercises are important 

Some ladies only think about this after giving birth but in fact, they are important all the time. According to Medical News Today, strengthening these muscles can enhance bladder control, reduce your risk of vaginal prolapse and of course, improve recovery after childbirth.

    5. The vagina is very acidic, and it supposed to be.

It probably sounds bad to say "my vagina is more acidic than the rest of my body" but you can say it anyway because it is true. The acidity of your vagina is what will work to keep the infections away. If it were to be too alkaline (opposite of acidic) the microscopic organisms will grow and along comes very uncomfortable painful infections. 

    6. No, you cannot lose a tampon in there. 

It is simple, the opening at the top of the vagina is far to small for a tampon to escape and roam your body freely. Once it goes into the vagina- it will come out. Unless it gets stuck, which, look it can happen. If this does happen you will need to see a doctor ASAP- the longer it is lodged the more you are at risk of toxic shock syndrome. 

Do not be afraid to ask questions about vaginas. Get to know how to properly look after it. Don't be embarrassed we all either have one of know someone who does.