In 2021 I Will... Go With The Flow (shudders)

Let's get this out the way right now: I am not someone who naturally goes with the flow. I am someone who will plan things down the tee. People that can go on a night out without a definite plan of what will be happening and when are the type of people who give me anxiety. I am not someone who "goes with the flow". 

The start of the 2020s was supposed to be our year. We were all supposed to have the year of our lives, we were supposed to have fun. I went in with the whole 'this is my year' mentality and I know I am not alone in that. We were expecting life to be GOOD, we were expecting a party of a year. You're nodding like you agree, aren't you?

So here is my one and only resolution for 2021: 

To go with the flow. 

For someone who gets major anxiety from not knowing what the go is, not knowing what is going to be happening and when- this is going to SUCK. 

But if 2020 has taught me anything it is that I can plan as much as I damn want and if the universe has other ideas there is not a lot I can do about it (except curl up in a ball in the corner and cry it out, of course). 

In 2021 I will reduce the amount of expectant control I have over things. I will lighten up and be free-flowing. I will stress less about the things I cannot control. I will hope for the best but not be surprised if it turns out slightly worse than what I was expecting. 

I have some faith that I will be able to do this. I hope I will be able to do this or 2021 is going to be a bloody bin fire filled with anxiety and stress exactly like 2020 and I don't think I can handle another one of those.

If you, like me, are hoping to have a better 2021 I am putting some good vibes out into the universe for you. BITCH we gonna have a good year!