No Bullshit Advice for Teenage Girls

 From someone who knows you aren’t going to listen and will make your own choices and learn from them anyway. 

  1. Pee after sex. Always. 
    Take it from someone who gets recurring UTI’s, you do not want that pain. Especially on a long weekend when everything within a 200km radius is closed. You can cuddle after. 

  2. Pick a drink for the night and stick to it.
    Mixing drinks is never a fun time- for you or the unlucky person who may need to clean you / the area up.

  3. Being “chatted up” by grown-ass men is not flattering, it’s weird.
    You feel cool and popular and they tell you you’re “mature for your age”. You’re not and they are predators who cannot attract women their own age for a reason.

  4. If a guy tells a whole group chat of boys that you said “no” to sex for whatever reason, he is not the one.

  5. While we’re on the topic, don’t be afraid to say no… at any point.
    “Blue balls” is not your problem. Your body, your choice.

  6. Your friends and family have a fairly good grasp on whether the person your seeing is an arsehole or not.
    You probably think “they just don’t know him like I do” but in reality, if they think they’re an arsehole, they 100% are, you just don’t see it yet. 

  7. Don’t ever leave your drink unattended.
    No matter how much of a “safe space” you feel you may be in. There are people with the worst of intentions everywhere. 

  8. Similarly, don’t accept a drink if you haven’t seen exactly what has gone into it.
    It may be “woo! Free drink!” But it may also be “I don’t feel so good..” 

  9. Don’t do drugs by yourself.
    Always have people around you prepared to drive your arse to a hospital or call an ambulance in case of emergency. 

  10. If you wouldn’t do/say it in person, don’t do it online.
    Once something makes its way onto the worldwide web it’s impossible to remove every single trace of it. You’re better off not putting it there in the first place. Think before posting. 

  11. While we’re here- revenge porn is common, make sure you think before sending nudes.
    “Make sure you delete them” won’t cover you. 

  12. Fuck peer pressure.
    Real friends won’t pressure you into something you don’t want to do and if they do they aren’t your real friends. Stand your ground no matter how “uncool” it may seem. 

  13. There is no need for dieting.
    Eat the food you want to eat. Drink what you want. Don’t waste time and money obsessing over food or buying diet bars, shakes, etc. 

  14. Moving your body is good for the soul.
    I don’t mean you have to be an elite athlete but you should find some kind of movement that you enjoy. 

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