About Elyssa

Hi! I am Elyssa and I hate having to introduce myself to new people for the simple reason that I never know what to say- what things are you allowed to say? What are you not allowed to say? I'm not sure. But this is my blog and my "about me" page so I think I can get away with introducing myself however I like here.

The Introvert Archive has been around for a while now, what started out as an outlet for me to talk about my mental health struggles anonymously has turned into something else entirely. At 14 years of age, I was struggling hard, I was eventually diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety disorder. I began writing anonymously about my struggles, not wanting to be identified for fear of being further outcast and the fear that I was going to be labelled as my mental issues.

I am not sure when, at some, after I had started to accept my mental illness and resent the stigmas that surrounded them I started sharing my blog posts to my personal social media, keen to let people know that having a mental illness doesn't make you any less of a person. That was my biggest fear, that people would learn of my struggles and judge me based on those, they would treat me different and not know how to act around me.

When I was just starting out with my mental illness journey it was such a taboo subject, something that should be private and locked away under the stairs like Harry Potter. Once I hit the acceptance phase, the "okay I have a mental illness but that doesn't define who I am" stage, I began resenting the fact that we weren't allowed to talk about our mental struggles, that they were something to be felt and not shared publically.

Well, to be frank: fuck that.

I am here to talk about mental illness freely, to talk about my struggles, to share that of other peoples (with their permission of course). That stigma that surrounds mental illness, yeah I am here to fuck that up.

Because I am not only my mental illness this blog also talk about other things: there are lifestyle and wellness, real-life events and health, fitness and opinion pieces. We do pretty much anything and everything here. Basically, if I want to write about it, I will (and if it isn't on this blog it will be in the "other writing" section on the side.)

While I have told you about the blog and why I do what I do- I haven't really talked about me as a person, because again, I am more than my mental illness. So, because I am still not good at talking about myself let me give you some fast facts about me:

My name is Elyssa Giedraitis and I write because I love it, I bloody love creating content and sharing my opinion- whether people like it or not sometimes. I am a young women (21- only a baby!) who likes to be clued in to the world around here and I hope that through writing I am able to create a community of women that are similar to me. I live in the Wheatbelt area of WA, and would prefer the calm and quiet of the country over the hustle and bustle of the city any day. I come from a large family- I have four sister and a brother who are all younger than me, which I think also has a big impact on the writing put out to the world and what influence I want this blog to leave. I have a cat called Taco and a dog called Garret, my idea was to name the dog burrito but that was shot down in flames.